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What sets Deviate Parties apart from the rest?

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Today, working from home is more popular than ever!

So what does set us apart from all the rest?

How does over 15,000 items sound? 

When you do a home party someone will always ask, "Can you get this"?

"I saw this one toy...." 

Yes you can!! You absolutely cannot from any other home party company. 

No limits! 

You may not think that matters to some people but times have changed.

Home parties are not just for women anymore. Men actually enjoy going to home parties to

become more involved with the purchase. It's now a couples world!

Think about it....why cut out half your demographic? It makes no sense, yet other companies 

forbid coed home parties. 

The LBGT movement has opened up a whole new demographic in adult parties.

Most of the major home party companies are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the modern

sexual revolution.. Gone are the days of conservative women only home parties. 

We've introduced a new concept in Romance parties with products that range from mild to wild, 

embracing all of the lifestyles.

Our no contract sales packages means more freedom for you! 

Our 50 shades and Pajama packages are affordable packages with No obligation and no 


We've created this for the girl or guy on the go. Off to college and need some extra cash? 

Why get stuck flipping burgers when you can have sexy parties and make money! 

Join our team

Romance Parties • Lingerie / Pajama • Coed • Bachelorette • Girls Night Out or In • 50 Shades • 

From Mild to Wild! Everything is covered. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start selling the day your products arrive!


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